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2018 Reunion Highlights Best Reunion Ever!

93 Dance Floor.png

Class of 1993

78 Dance Floor.png

Class of 1978

Our world changes in a nanosecond.  New technology, inventions, blockbuster hits float in and out of our pop culture at each changing decade. 

Class of 93 Divas.jpg

Alumni attending Frankford's fall Reunion bought the first transistor radios and hustled to the first CD release of the Bee Gees Night Fever


They found out Who Framed Roger Rabbit at its 1988 movie debut and were glued to their TVs, watching Oprah's interview with Michael Jackson.  They also grooved to Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle, breaking sales records in Hip Hop by a new artist.

Class of 53 Reunion Page.png

 They wore Barbie's pony tails and Mrs. Beavers pearls.  Grew out their hair, then gave themselves Gheri curls and coax barbers into creating mullets.   Yes, these were the Days of Our Frankford Allumni Lives and proudly represented at this fall's reunion season:  Class of 53 (65th), Class of 58, (60th) (Class of 63, (55th) Class of 78, (40th), Class of 88 (30th) and Class of 93 (25th).

Class of 93 Husband and Wife and 3rd - S
Wife of Deceased Class of 1953
Class of 78 foursome.png
Class of 93 Couple 2 - Sun.png
Class of 93 Couple - Sun.png
Class of 93 - 2.png
1950s alumni CP.png
Class of 78 Casual.png
93 Trio.png
78 Men.png
93 Men.png
78 Table.png
40th Reunion Cake.png
93 Cake.png




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