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Hawkeye Pierce says a final goodbye to Mash and the CBS line-up.  Jedi returns to the movie theaters. Detroit Pistons makes history against the Denver Nuggets, scoring 186 points in one game. 

“Go ahead, Make My Day” becomes a 1980s catch phrase.  Michael Jackson introduces the moonwalk, during a Billie Jean performance.  And five-year-old Adam T. Anderson discovers his family’s home computer. It doesn't take long before he’s teaching his parents how to navigate their first personal computer. 

He gets a sneak peek into his future as Frankford’s Technology Teacher Leader, Photo Media/Avid teacher, Art Department Coordinator and SIS Coach.

Frankford’s Techno Go-To—Anderson's in charge of all technology equipment, including the copiers.  He trains teachers on Google Apps and Google Docs, and handles any computer issue from teacher or student.  But that’s just a starting point.  He teaches photography and photoshop. 

Anderson graduated from Arcadia University in 2009 with a major in Art Education, with a concentration in painting and a minor in math. 


“My first seven years teaching I taught Algebra 1.  For two years I taught Algebra and art.  I currently teach four Photo 1 Class and two Photo Two  Yearbook classes.”

What would you like to accomplish in the future?

“A Frankford Media hub is in the process.  Students will work with high-end film equipment and produce live broadcasting.  I’ve already taught an intro to film class.  We received a grant that allows us to teach students how to operate cameras, edit film, create audio and develop full broadcast productions on the School District’s television station, Channel 52,” says Anderson.

What is your biggest challenge?

Students’ experience many distractions outside of school.  There are things going on in their lives they need to escape from.  We offer them opportunities to escape in a positive way that will benefit them in the future.”

What was your most rewarding experience?

“Students enter my class, sometimes, whether they want it or not.  I often see a student who initially didn’t want to take my class, but kept an open mind and discovered a way to enjoy it and produced some great media pieces.”

Danelly Cabrera was this student who came into the class with an open-mind and developed a media portrait selected to represent Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District in the 2018 Congressional High School Art Competition. 


Danelly's work will be on display in the tunnel of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. for 10 months, starting this June. The display is expected to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.




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