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Allen S. Jones, Class of 1985

Pastor & Mortician 

Helping Others Navigate  the  Stages of Life

Rev. Jones Street Minisry.jpg

Pastor Allen S. Jones

and his street ministry

Pastor Allen S. Jones

at the Pulpit

1.  Tell us about your mortician career?


I'm a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer with 20+ years experience planning, organizing, and managing all aspects of a funeral home located on cemetery premises. Also, I'm a licensed insurance agent, who produces insurance-based pre-need contracts, bypassing the middleman—offering a one-stop, full-service, funeral experience.

As a licensed Mortician and Embalmer, I often volunteer, serving as Preceptor for registered (State Board) interns/student trainees.

2.  Who or what inspired you the most at Frankford?


The Teachers (my apologies, I'm at a loss for the names) and Coaches i.e. Al Angelo (FKD FTB) and Vince Miller (FKD Basketball and My Advisor period).


3.  You were in the class of 1985, right?  What activities were you involved in at Frankford/and or your community?  How did those activities develop you into the person you are today? 


I was class of 1985;  I played both Junior and Senior Varsity Football.  In the community, I played neighborhood sports.  My parents were both business owners and active in the church. Thus, explains my character and profession of today.


4.  If you could return to 1985, what would you tell your 17-year-old self?

 I would tell myself, please listen and obey your parents; they really knew what they were saying!


5.  How did Frankford prepare you for adulthood?  How did your parents prepare you for adulthood?


 The academics played a part in college preparations. The sports taught me ' team spirit.' My parents taught me charity and the fear of the Lord. In addition, my parents taught me about being and entrepreneur/ownership.


6.  You are a pastor and a Chaplain (former banker)?  Tell us about your career as a pastor? Describe your former banking career?  


I'm presently a pastor of a local 'community-based' ministry located in North Philadelphia. We emphasize the love of God and the teachings of His Jesus Christ.  Presently, I'm Bi-vocational, I also am employed for a hospice organization as a chaplain.  In years past, I was employed in the financial sector, (Small Business Banking) specializing in Lending and ancillary Cash Management services.



7.  What college did you attend...major?)  

Cheyney University and Faith Theological Seminary

I attended Faith Theological Seminary in Baltimore, where I received a Masters in Divinity in Pastoral Care.  I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, and received  a  Funeral Service Diploma.  I'm trained in embalming and restorative art. 

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