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Meet Twins Deutty and Merley LaFleur

Our Journey


     Once upon an earthquake, I remember the smell of blood, dust, and dead bodies that intoxicated the atmosphere of Haiti. I remember my mom was cooking with a gas tank by her side and the house was trembling vigorously, with the intention of collapsing. God was conscious of our situation, so he stopped the earthquake.


     Afterwards, everything looked white, because dust filled the air. The fear that crowded my stomach made me too scared to eat and too scared to cry. For many others in my neighborhood, I couldn’t say the same.


     There was crying, yelling, and mourning that raced throughout that night.  I remember seeing the tears in my friends’ eyes when I was leaving my island.  I didn’t want to go, so the burning tears finally came. They cascaded down my cheeks, one after another endlessly.   I started to scream and yell because I was leaving everyone that I knew behind to enter a strange land.



     I remember the line of rescue teams and soldiers in sunglasses from the United States, helping us into a very large plane with barely enough seats. As I lay my back on the floor, the airplane’s cold steel carried me to a profound, long sleep.


     I remember stepping on the Miami ground with one thing in mind:  where am I?

Of course it was a silly question to consider, but everything seemed so different to me in this new world.  From my viewpoint, I can see the whole city of Miami illuminating in the night.  Oh, the difficulty of adapting to a new place with a foreign culture, language, and people!


     It has been eight years since the earthquake happened and I moved to this country. Through that fragile, developing mind—I grew to be resilient in mostly every condition presented to me.   In life, I learned to overcome many challenges that came my way, because I learned from the circumstances before.




     While I was settling in the United States, I also adapted to my environment.   I became strong and mature in character.  I realized that I have the luxury of eating, showering every day, and going to school—something that most people don’t have in that small island I came from.


     However, I mostly miss my friends and my church in Haiti. I wish the people in this country were much more conscious of the reality they live in.  In order to establish comfort in this new place—I observed, learned, experienced and overcame new challenges— in order to attain a reassurance in the state that I’m presently in.


     Now that my mind is near its full potential, I can reflect back on the experience I had that day I left Haiti—in order to gain more wisdom and to remind myself that God is always in control of my life.


    I’m currently a senior at Frankford High school. What interest me the most in this school, is the relationship between teachers and students.   It’s almost as if there are no barriers that differentiate them as students and teachers.




     My most memorable experience at Frankford has been with my soccer team on the field practicing and talking about various topics.  My most challenging experience at Frankford was when a teacher refused to give me a fair grade, when I’ve respectfully and reasonably explained my cause.  My favorite teachers are Ms. Ballay and Mr. Gabrielle.  My coaches have inspired me the most in school and on the field.



     Being twins at Frankford High School is rewarding when it comes to overcoming challenges. Where I lack, my sister fills in and vice versa. I found myself a lot of times drawn to the artistic elements of the world. What really makes me smile is feeling the presence of God in me and in my life. I am the valedictorian of my class. This means that my efforts were not worthless in high school.'


     I can picture myself around my fellow co-workers, smiling at them with my mechanical engineering suit on and a Masters Degree and PhD in hand.  Earning that title involves about six years of college commitment.  In addition to studying for my degrees,  I will also study for the PE exam to get my license. I plan to reach this measure by attending Oral Roberts University, which is highly ranked for my major and best suited for me in the environment it presents.


     I singled out this major because of the many factors I discovered within myself. Among them are the determined and creative mindset I possess, along with a strong work ethic and caring personality that compels me to mature every day.


     Building a successful and balanced career that leads to personal comfort and a high standard of life is very important to supporting family, friends, and people in society. In order to acquire great knowledge in my field of study, I plan on developing effective communication and leadership skills, while working with others in my environment.


     My objective in my future job is to earn promotions in various management roles, because I love assisting and directing others, which is where I excel.  I intend on succeeding in my educational journey by joining various study groups, making connections with diverse individuals, and having outstanding relationships with my professors.


     To achieve my purpose in this career, I would have to excel in most of my college courses and in the experiences with my peers, professors, and friends.







     At first, I hated the idea of moving here. Ever since I was four years old, I wanted to move to the U. S.  However, since it all happened so rapidly and in an earthquake situation, I hated it. 


     I cried a lot and constantly asked my parents to move back with us. It did not help that I found it hard to understand the culture and the school kept me back a grade because of my age.


     I love the opportunities that this countries offers to all types of people.  Everything is laid out for you, and your only responsibility is to take advantage of these opportunities, so you can live a decent life.  


     Twelve years of education is absolutely free and mandatory and college is made possible for all students of different backgrounds through scholarships, grants, and financial aid.  I also love the weather, especially the winter.

     However, I don’t like the morals of the country.  We have taken so much for granted in this country and have accepted so many immoral things in the name of freedom.


     Some may say that it’s because of my religion that I have this mindset.  It’s because I believe in maintaining the fundamental natural laws of this planet and those moral laws are natural.



     I miss the simplicity of Haiti. Most people in Haiti live a simple life. They were not trying to be someone else they could not be.


     They were satisfied with their lives in almost all aspects. They were not oblivious to the fact that there is hardship in their life, but they learned how to be satisfied with the little that they have.


     Frankford has one of the most comfort that one can find in a school. It provides one with the comfort of a family.  This starts from the principal of the school to the youngest freshman.


     Whether it’s in the classroom or in the locker room, you feel comfortable in talking to others about problems that you’re having, because they can relate to you.







     Winning the badminton championship was the most enjoyable moment of my high school years. It was one of those rare moments where my family, teachers, and principal were able to come together and cheer me on.


     We, as a team, were able to accomplish a goal that our coach has been trying to accomplish for seventeen years.  We also have helped to brighten the year for one of our teammates who was having a rough year.


     My most challenging experience is obtaining and maintaining an A in my physics class.  I’m still facing this challenge today.  


     I believe that it’s because I was not prepared in my mathematics the previous year. However, I this challenge has provided me with some benefits such as, better studying skills.


     My favorite teacher is Mr. Stevens from ninth grade.  He was the first to truly challenge me in my academics.  In his class, I have grown to be grateful and embrace a good challenge and competition.  He has helped make the transition from middle school to high school a lot easier.



     My inspiration came mostly from my AVID teacher. She has been one of our main support at the school since ninth grade.   


     She is not scared to admit that she is wrong. She’s bold when pointing out the fault in herself, but quick to compliment someone else.  She’s frank and does not try to please everyone. 


     She’s also strict and harsh when it comes to a wrong being done to someone—but sweet and gentle when a student is having personal problems.


     These are all characteristics that I believe a person should have within themselves.   I believe these characteristics are major factors in helping someone succeed. So, I strive to gain these characteristics because I believe they will help me in my personal and academic life.



     Being twins at in the same school is a blessing that many have not been privileged with.  We provide a form of support to each other, both at home and at school. 


     We have a friendly competition between us in academics and extracurricular activities.   I always have a classmate to talk to, or work with and we have each other’s backs.


     However, people often see us as one person.  I love being a twin, but I want the twin part to be only part of my identity.  I don’t want it to be the only thing someone sees in me, especially after being classmates for two years.


     I plan on becoming a surgeon.   I hope to do my undergraduate in biomedical engineering at Messiah College.  Then, I want to pursue my doctorates at a medical school.


     This is not an easy plan, but this is how I can help a lot of people, and make a lasting impact on the world.


     I’m the salutatorian of my school.  I am happy with my position.   If I could climb that one step higher, I would—but at the same time I want to also push my twin sister up to that point.  


     This seems like an ambiguous idea, but this is how I see it.  I’ll try to be the best, but I should also push my twin to be the best too.  Whomever God chooses is a joyous moment for the both of us.


     This title as salutatorian lets me know that hard work pays off sometimes, but the true success comes from how happy you feel at the end.


     I’m a soccer fan, who love watching the World Cup or intercollegiate competition.  I’m on Frankford’s varsity soccer team. I also love badminton.  It’s the only sport where I feel more nervous when I’m watching a game, than when I am playing it.




     One of my favorite things to do is read.  I read everywhere I go and anything I can find. I read fiction, academic books (those not assigned by teachers), news articles, and even every little detail on the cereal box.   Two of my favorite books are The Book of Proverbs from the Bible and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.




     I also love worshiping.  My personal relationship with Jesus Christ is one that I cherish above all things.  That’s why I love to worship.  Worshiping to me mainly means singing, but it can also include praying and dancing.  


    I smile often.   I smile for many different reasons.  The main reason to my smiles is seeing other people happy.   If I am able to bring a smile on someone else’s face, that makes me smile.  I find it very difficult to be happy or satisfied when the person next to me is not.


     I find value in even the smallest act of kindness.  That’s why I say hello to strangers on the streets or go out of my way to help someone I barely know.  I know these are acts that will bring happiness to someone’s eyes and in the process make me smile.

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