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Elizabeth (Betty) Stockton and

Arline Guy Campbell

65th Reunion

Class of 53 Co-Captain Cheerleaders.png

A truce finally arrives as the Korean war ends, Russia tests their version of the H-Bomb, and teen girls dash to their grocery store's peroxide aisle, after seeing Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  That's right, we're back in the 1950s, where penny loafers reign and co-cheerleading captains, Elizabeth Stockton and Arline Guy Campbell can't wait to start their adult lives. The best-laid plans often face unexpected delays,


One steps boldly into an uncommon path for 1950s female graduates.  She joins the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"We graduated at Temple Baptist on Friday wearing white flowing dresses with the boys in navy suits-- and by Monday morning, I started work as a Fingerprint Technician for the FBI," says Elizabeth.  I wanted to work in ballistics, but only the fingerprint technician position was available." 

Technically, Elizabeth was in the class of 1953, but her circumstances suddenly changed.

"I couldn't deal with Algebra or Trigonometry, so I decided to quit school.  If it wasn't for my teacher, Mr. Orville Crap, (and yes, that was really his name.)  I would not have graduated a year later in 1954, or applied to the FBI.  He literally brought me back to school and supported me every step of the way."

Arline's plan was to go to business school, but instead, she began working after graduation at Allstate Insurance Company, and later worked for the railroad.   She then married and raised her three children. 


"That's what women did back then," says Arline.

What do they remember most about their Frankford experience?

"The Friday night dances," they answered at the same time with big smiles.

"Our classmate was Joan Platt, her family owned the Brookside Manor at Somerton Springs, (which hosted our Friday night dances...right here where we're having our reunion, 65 years later," says Arline. 


"The bowling alley was to the right...the dance hall was to the left.  Joan's grandfather was the DJ.  We had some great memories here," Elizabeth adds, both nodding.



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