Clifford King. Class of 85

Concierge aka Security, Event Planner,  Social Worker... at a luxury apartment complex owned by The Galman Group


Clifford's Photo.png  What was your inspiration at Frankford? 


Clifford:  The people and the atmosphere inspired me, and the fact that this was not the school I was assigned to attend.  It was an

unexpected open door I was happy to walk through.  Also, my teachers who taught math, english and biology and my football coach, Al Angelo--all inspired me to reach my potential.

I had one of the best coaches there ever was...Al Angelo.  He was a coach like no other and a father figure.  He was a mentor more than anything else.  A great listener, there was nothing in the world you couldn't talk to him about.  How was your transition from high school to the adult world.

Clifford:  I attended Tumple for a year and a half until my life spiraled out of control.  It took a lot of guidance from above to get centered.  It's like I had a hiatus, but I kept it moving, until God got me where I needed to be.  Give us an overview of your career  

Clifford:  My current role in one of the Galman Group's luxury apartments is Concierge and Security.  "Go ask Clifford," is the mantra residents repeatedly utter on a

 daily basis​.

Most recently, I worked at the Art House, a recovery center.  We helped people break the addiction cycle.  What advice would you give high school seniors?

Clifford:  One word...exce!.  Strive to do better.  Don't let anyone stand in your way to accomplishing the things you haven't tapped into yet, but you already have.  How did Frankford prepare you for the world?

Cliffore:  Frankford gave me the tools to accomplish  anything I put my mind to.  It was about school and about getting the education.  If you didn't put your mind on your education, then you failed Frankford.  Our teachers gave us the tools to succeed.  We had to do the work.