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Class of 1984

Candace Hagen Thomas

Vanguard University

Sr. Talent Management Specialist,

and mother of five, three boys and two girls

FAA:  Who inspired you at Frankford?


HAGEN THOMAS:  Ms. Green.  My 10th grade honors biology teacher, who was soft-spoken, humble, helpful and all-around nice.  But, don’t let it fool you, she expected you to get your work done which inspired me to expect more from myself.  Through her, I learned the importance of not  taking the easy way out.

Mr. Pastor. The band leader.  He would say, "Be confident even if you don’t know what you’re doing.”  This is what he told me when he put me in the marching band, and put in the line, playing clarinet. 


I couldn’t play a thing, but I was able to march with confidence.  This has helped me in many training situations.

 FAA:  What Frankford activities were you involved in, and how did they shape you into the person you are today?


HAGEN THOMAS:  12th grade Student Body Vice President, Softball (until SEPTA went on strike), Marching Band, Orchestra, Choir, Chorale Ensemble, Wrestlerette, Mascot (I was the Pioneer) Flag Corp, Thanatopsis, Year Book committee, Spring Show, Prom Committee and Picnic Committee.  

I believe participating in these activities solidified what I somewhat knew at the time; and know now that I love to serve and help others, as well as my love for participating in the arts.  


FAA:  What advice would you give your 17-year-old-self if you could go back to 1984?

HAGEN THOMAS:  Apply yourself and expect more from yourself...don’t just do enough to get by.  Study more and don’t procrastinate, communicate more with your teachers, find a mentor and take advantage of the counselor’s office.


FAA:  What was your most memorable experience at Frankford? Why?


       HAGEN THOMAS:  The most memorable moment was…well I’ve had several:

1.  Being elected Vice President of the Student Body.  It made me feel good that enough of the senior student body thought that much of me to vote which allowed me to win. Teenage peer acceptance...what can I say?

2.  Being the mascot.  Latonya Murray and I had so much fun getting the crowd hyped at the home football games. I was the pioneer and she was the lady pioneer.  And we’re still having fun together after all these years.

3.  The adrenaline rush of waiting for the music to start, then marching with that flag across the field at half-time.  We were really good!

4.  The football dance in the gym.  This is where I first met Jay Buchanon, who was a football player at Dobbins. He was there because he was friends with the Frankford football team.  


He scared me because I thought he was huge.  We became and remained good friends, which is why my heart hurt when he passed away in 2011. I really miss my friend.


5.  Being in the Spring Show and playing a “Worfle” in the school play.  What is a Worfle?  I think I became one of Frankford famous after that! lol!

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