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  Tell us about your work as a business development associate at Separation Methods Technologies.  I see from your LinkedIn profile (which is very good) that you started there as a

sales representative intern.  Tell us about that position.

Frankie:  My work at SMT primarily involves generating business leads, following up leads,

developing marketing strategies and ideas. I also do a lot of sales-related duties as well. are you juggling your workload and your class load?  How are you staying organized?

Frankie:  . I try to stay disciplined with setting deadlines for myself. I stay organized by religiously

setting reminders and alarms for things. I also make sure to prioritize what to do and what not to

do--more of strategically procrastinating.  How is your third year different from your second year?

Frankie:  Academically, my third-year school load is intense and more focused than in my

second year. Managing it has been a lot easier due to accumulated two years of school work

experience.  What exactly is an HPLC column?

Frankie:  HPLC ( High Performance  Liquid Chromatography) column is the main component of a

HPLC system. A HPLC system is a system used in analytical chemistry chromatography to separate, quantify, and identify various components of a mixture. The Column being the main component is responsible for the separation itself. The liquid part of whatever mixture is being separated passes

through the column before being collected. These systems are used in chemistry lab, 

pharmaceutical production labs, and various research labs for identifying and isolating

biomolecules.  How have you generated marketing ad campaigns?  (This is wonderful!)  Do you have a

mentor at Separation Methods?

Frankie:  . I have done some generating and optimizing the company's online google searches.

I have also created and came up with ideas on google and LinkedIn campaigns. Yes, I have a

mentor at SMT, her name is Dr. Lola Ololade. She is the Chief Strategist Officer at SMT.  Are you still peer mentoring?  What does that entail?

Frankie:  I'm still peer mentoring. I have been with Ernst & Yong's college map program since high

school. On graduating, I became the city president for my graduating class. My job involves making

sure that the students in the program have access to the academic resources and mentoring

initiatives available to them through the program.  What's your next step?

Frankie:  My next step is to finish my undergraduate in 2021, work full time for a Pharma Company

( Business Development or Marketing) or a Consulting company  ( Life Science Consulting)  --and eventually return to school to finish my MBA, which I started the Fall of my Junior year.

Editor's Note:  Stay tuned with us, as we continue following his college journey, along the career

highway.  We'll check back with him in the fall; and follow him to his college graduation--when the Frankford class of 2017 become college graduates.

Frankie's Junior Year Photo.jfif


Business Development Associate

at Separation Methods

Technologies, Inc.

Junior at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

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