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Jeweler Tools

Jewel of All Trades...

"I love making custom jewelry, singing, dancing and cooking.
Who inspired you at Frankford?
At Frankford, I wask inspired by my band teacher. I was in the band and orchestra from middle school to high school. I played the Oboe, the tenor and alto sax and keyboard. i also sang in the choir.

How Did Frankford Prepare You for Adulthood?
I was in a program that prepared me for the business side 
of things.We had a teacher who taught us about the stock market, how to buy a house
 and understand a financial newspaper.
I love being able to help people. At the end of the day, I
want to be happy and inspired. Twice a year, I'm a judge for the elections
. In the ner future, I'd like to become a ward leader. I'm not surprised by this interest. I was in the ROTC at Temple. While at Frankford, I dreamed of joining the military band, but life interrupted that plan. I'm grateful for the strength and discipline.
My advice to current students: Listen to the alumni. They're wise enough t tell you about college and jobs.


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