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Janice McCauley
Class of 1975

Crafting Her Own Path With Respect for the Past.


"I love to repurpose and
 rejuvenate vintage finds." 

F-A.COM:  You attended Temple's Horticultural School, what was your career focus during this post-high school experience?


JANICE:  I worked for my next-door neighbor in their flower shop during high school  and college. I learned floristry & got experience in their retail store. After I graduated from Temple, I worked for a few different companies over 15 years that installed plants in restaurants, offices, & malls. I was a “plant lady”…. I maintained those plants on a weekly basis.  I traveled to Philadelphia and suburbs, New Jersey and New York City.  It was fun & interesting. 


F-A.COM:  How did Frankford prepare you for adulthood?


JANICE:  I learned how to be a responsible person by being a member of our Flag Corps for two years, and by working on the yearbook staff in 12th grade. 

F-A.COM:  Who or what inspired you the most at Frankford and why?  What was your favorite extra-curricular activity? Why was it your favorite?

JANICE:  We had many great teachers over the years. Several of my favorites were Mr. Donohoe, Mr. Gutelius and Ms. DePrisco. They made learning fun!   My favorite extra-curricular activity was the Flag Corps.  I was very proud to be a member.  We were a tight group and some of those friendships still exist today. 


F-A.COM:  I've seen your beautiful Christmas decorations over the years.  How has Christmas fueled your creativity?


JANICE:  It’s such a happy time!  At Feeneys, we start decorating the store during the summer.  It’s so cool to be a part of making such a beautiful display.  I try to uphold that with my booths  and in my home. 


F-A.COM:  Tell us about your craft career.


JANICE:  I’ve always loved making things.  My grandmother taught me embroidery and crocheting. I loved sewing class at Edmunds and made many of my clothes back then.  Working in a flower shop and garden center taught me many ways to create many seasonal items.  

F-A.COM:  Where has your life taken you today?  What are your hobbies/interests? 

JANICE:  I work fulltime for USPS for almost 23 years. My hobbies and interests include antiquing, crafts, gardening, reading and spending time with my pets. I’ve worked a part time job at for 22 years, where I learned about displaying and merchandising. This has helped me tremendously with my small business at . I rent space to sell vintage finds & my craft projects. 


F-A.COM:  What family traditions have you kept to this day?


JANICE:  Since losing my parents, many traditions have fallen by the wayside, especially during the pandemic.  My siblings and I try to get together for holidays.  I started having an annual craft sale with my siblings at my house every fall, after my parents were gone. It started as a way we could spend a weekend together.  It’s great to have this time with them and to see their creativity. 

F-A.COM:  What was the best advice your parents gave you?


JANICE: Be honest, be responsible, stand up for yourself, share kindness, laugh, and have a great work ethic. It wasn’t so much said, as they led us by example. 


F-A.COM:  If you could time-travel to 1975, what would you tell your 17-year-old self?


JANICE:  Don’t be so hard on yourself, take a chance, and be proud of what you accomplish.  Don’t stress about every little thing.  


F-A.COM:  What advice would you give today’s students?  What’s your favorite quote?

JANICE:  Be responsible, honest, trustworthy, kind and respectful.  Have a good work ethic.  If you don’t attend college—learn a trade.  Start saving for retirement as soon as you can.  It’ll be here before you know it! 


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