Class of 1978 - 40th Reunion Profile

Jeanne Schiavo Padden

Class of 1978



FA.COM:  What was your most memorable moment at Frankford? 


JEANNE:  I'd have to say Graduation, it was both an end to a great era and the being of a new chapter of my life. 


F-A.COM:  What activities were you involved in? 


JEANNE:  Tennis, Leaders, Senior Prom Comm., Alumni Comm., Highway rep. 




F-A.COM:   Teacher who inspired you the most? 


JEANNE:  Ms. Paige, my English teacher.  She opened my mind to literature and to the possibilities of college. 


F-A.COM:  How did Frankford prepare you for adulthood?


JEANNE:  I believe that it was the diversity of both the educational experience as well of the multi-cultural environment that prepared me for success in future endeavors. 




F-A.COM:  What was your best lesson learned? 


JEANNE:  That you can be your own person, you don't have to follow the crowd.





F-A.COM:  What advice would you give today's Frankford students? 


JEANNE:  If you can dream it, you can be it. 


Work hard and you can succeed in anything! And don't be in a hurry to grow up.  High school should be one of your happiest, most memorable experiences. 




F-A.COM:  Can you discuss the plans for your Class of 78 40th Reunion? 


I plan to get as many of our graduating class together as possible to re-aquatint and catch up.  I believe that our roots are a big part of who we are today.  I love to relive childhood memories; and I hope all that attend will enjoy doing the same.


I'm a third generation Frankford graduate, my three older brothers and my parents attended as well. Reunions are a tradition in our family, my father Joe Schiavo has been very active with the alumni over the years. 



F-A.COM:  Why should alumni attend their reunions?  


JEANNE:  Life is short and tomorrow is not promised. If you get the chance to reconnect with an old friend or two and reminisce about good times, you should take it.

Enjoy and remember when life was simple and carefree. 


F-A.COM:  What would you like to see on the website? 


JEANNE:  I'd like to see articles about alumni and what they're doing with their lives now. 


F-A.COM:  Finally, can you share briefly your adult life, family, career, hobbies...


I have had a varied and interesting career and love the work that I do. I'm currently an estimating coordinator for an ornamental metal and glass company who builds interesting things; custom ornate curved stairways and elaborate facades in New York City and around the world. 


 Every day is a creative learning process. 




I have two beautiful daughters who I am extremely proud of and feel privileged and honored to have raised. Parenting is by far my greatest accomplishment in life!  My hobbies include painting and crafts, hiking and yoga and as always, horses.