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Tamara & Daughters...Girls to Women
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"I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me."

Philippians 4:6-7

Tamara's  favorite scripture and many more, along with prayers, worship services and falling on her knees calling out to God are what she says helped her from drowning in life's deep waters.


"It was prophesied over my life in June of 2016 that I would write books," says Tamara.  Her tumultuous childhood and teen years poured into the pages of her self-published first book:   Tears of an Only Child.  

Sheltered in God's Arms


"Mom got involved in an abusive relationship with a guy.  We moved in with my grandmother.  I was molested at my grandmother's house.  We moved in with my stepfather, who lived in South Philly when I attended Frankford.  He was a womanizer and a narcissist.  He would kick us out and we'd go live in a shelter.  Fortunately, we were always in a clean place.  We ate well; and were treated well. But, we never stayed long."  


This pattern of getting kicked out of their home from the men in her mother's life--and  bouncing around from shelter-to-shelter continued  from 1986 to 1988.

A Vow to Overcome a Generational Curse

"What kept me going was my cheerleading activities.  No matter what was going on, I wouldn't let it affect my grades," says Tamara.  "...I vowed as a child that I would speak things into existence.  I vowed to never let a person have me at a place where he or she can put me and my children out; and take away my independence."


"I always made sure my children were in a stable environment.  They never endured what I had to."

Tamara put her love for research to good use and learned a lot about generational curses. 


"I was married at 18 and divorced by 21.  I had a lot of fight in me.  That was my family's generational curse.  A lot of women in my family were fighters in the physical sense.  They fought men with their hands."


To end this generational curse, she turned to God.  "I prayed this thing off of me.  I would have my hands raised in prayer.  My daughters would sit up and see me.  I prayed that generational curse off my family daily."

Her Second Book is Born

Life is full of tests.  Without them you wouldn't have a testimony.  She says a big test came when she was spiritually healed.  "It's as if the devil heard me say I was healed and sent him right to my door. That's when a younger guy I knew from my past, tracked me down.   It turned into a five-year ordeal."


 ...For my strength is made perfect in weakness... 

2Corinithians 9:12

Once again, her pain poured through the pages of her second self-published book:  Falling in Love with the Devil, published in 2022.     

"A lot of good came out of that trauma.  I demonstrated Agape love with the person I was involved with.  It's the highest form of love you can express.  It's someone who has a deep relationship with God and demonstrates forgiveness."

"I did  a whole role reversal.  I learned patience and tolerance.

Time to Harvest Mr. Yerbert's Garden

"I wanted to give myself a break from all of the drama.  My ex said, why don't you freestyle a children's story.  My third book, Mr. Yerbert's Garden is about a widower who lived by himself.  A raccoon came to town and started stealing his vegetables.  It's a story about forgiveness and friendship."

The Movie Screen is Calling

"I kept having dreams about being in a movie theater and everyone in the movie theater was holding my book," until she adapted Falling in Love with the Devil into a screenplay.  A true story about my life, based off of my 2nd book, with a goal to help others and shed light on mental Illness & domestic Abuse.


"It's as if the Lord gave me my script.  During that time, my niece who has a production company, asked me to be an extra in a human trafficking movie she was filming.     In return, I asked her to film my script, adapted from my second book.  The Lord also gave me a sequel to that autobiographical story."  

Frankford Became Her North Star

"I loved school and I loved Frankford High School.  I didn't want to miss one day.  I took Spanish for four years.  I loved marching into football games.  I became a majorette in 10th grade.  Everyday at Frankford was a good day, despite what was going on in my life.  My mother attended Frankford, she was in the class of 1968 and my Uncle Dennis was in the class of 1969."

Tamara also enjoyed choir, participating in the talent show, majorettes--and cheering at soccer, basketball and football games.  

Her Life's Purpose

"To love unconditionally and share my story, so others will be helped through my verbal testimonies, books or movies. I want to be a positive influence in young women's lives; and let them know that it's okay to say no.  I want to to be the best example I can be foreveryone." 


Her Advice 

You don't have to change with the times.  Learn how to cook, budget and balance you checkbook.  No one told me I should get a house.  I'm glad I went to college, but I could've bought a house with equity."

Dream the Impossible

Nevertheless, she's proud she completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2014 and her Master of Science in Health Care Administration in 2016--both from Pierce College in Philadelphia.  Along with 20 years of working in healthcare --"I now create my own movies.  I never thought I'd be editing my own movies with Adobe Premiere." 


Her advice to students.  "Always be positive over your life, despite what anyone says.  Always speak positive and stand on the fact that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  Philippians 4:6-7."

Tamara's a proud Mom to daughters Porsché 33 and Jade 32; and a grandmother to whom she lovingly calls her Grand Divas:  Leila 14, Mya 10 and Zoé 3.


The red carpet event for the showing of her movie will be held on Sunday, August 13 · 7 - 10pm at Hiway Theater,  
212 York Road Jenkintown, PA 19046.  


Tamara Hawkins, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania began modeling and acting at age 13 and has made her niche in acting over the years.  Tamara has donned the stage in Broadway theater plays such as Church Girl, is part of the Great White Throne Judgement Drama Ministry Production.  She has also performed  local plays and is a member of the drama ministry in her church.


Tamara is now with LNS Productions and has made  appearances in a few shorts and feature films., while still actively being cast in plays and other future films.

 Her hobbies include sewing,  belly, Latin and line dancing, playing the harp and traveling abroad with her family. Be on the lookout as Tamara has written, produced, edited, filmed, and starred in her own movies  "Falling in Love With the Devil " and the Sequel movie.  Both based off of her book. 


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