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Life with her

Super Hero Husband

& Incredible Family

Maggi's Sarcoma Cancer Awarness
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"There is hope, always."

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Maggi's Precious Angels

Angel Statue

"I’m one of 16 siblings; 3 boys and 13 girls,

all single births."



My Best Frankford Days 


My best Frankford days were the friendships I had and the group dynamics of rooting for our sports teams.  It was the excitement of watching the game, the exhilaration of winning and the disappointment of losing.  A typical day was making lunch plans, participating in after-school activities and enjoying weekend parties.   It  was not getting caught cheating on tests by some tough teachers--and not cheating on tests in your favorite subjects.

Frankford days often meant running from the gym to the last classroom on the second floor, at the far end of the new school building, before the bell rang--carrying all of your books and coat.  Because you couldn't get to your third floor locker first without being late for homeroom.  

Frankford days meant singing the fight song like it was the National Anthem--which for us, it was.   And it was making the "Soph Hop" happen for our class that began with a    Thank you Mr. Ron Miller for your help!


My Big Beautiful Life!
Frankford's Thanatopsis
Wedding Day
Maggi's Children
Maggi's Grandbabies
Lace Cake

Frankford Inspires Maggi


Dr. Killough was my inspiration.  This small in stature man controlled a student body of that size with the force of his will and a big personality.  He said “hello” to everyone; could joke with you like a favorite uncle; and scold you like a disappointed parent.  He earned everyone’s respect from students to parents. 

My Inspiration in Life


My parents inspired me.  We were far from well off, but my parents managed to provide us with all we needed in life. My mother worked hard taking care of the kids. She taught me how to sew and was a great cook.  My dad helped teach me to draw, and kept a roof over our heads.  Both inspired us to aim for good grades and be good people. 

First Five Years After Graduation


I chose not to attend college.  Instead, I found a full-time job and enjoyed my social life.  I met my husband in February of 1976, and married in March of 1978.  I had my first child by the end of that year, and happily settled into being a wife and mother.

My Big Beautiful Life

I’m one of 16 siblings--3 boys and 13 girls (one sister died as an infant) and all single births. My dad worked for N. W. Ayer Advertising Agency in center city as the manager of their computer program.   It was nothing like we have now.  The company was the first of its kind in the country, but has since shut down.


My mom took care of  us with the necessary thriftiness, imagination and hard work ethics.  Both parents firmly believed in God and brought us up as Catholic.  I knew only a few non-Catholics before attending Frankford. 

My husband, Mike, grew up in the same parish as my family,  St. Martin of Tours. We actually met each other in Maple Shade, NJ.  He's from a smaller family of three kids, a brother and a sister.  He was also raised Catholic.  His parents were converts, but each converted before they met.

Mike and I have been married for over 42 years and raised three beautiful children, two girls and a boy. We are  very lucky and blessed.   Our children are good people and hard workers.  My oldest, Eileen, is my favorite since she and her husband gave us two grandkids, a girl and a boy. They are my heart!  Patrick is my favorite son and Meredith, my favorite youngest child. 


Most of our family live in the tri-state area.  Prior to the Covid Pandemic, we frequently spent time together. 


Rocking the Teen Years in the 1970s.  


Being a teenager in the 70’s was fine for me.  I didn’t realize how much was changing in the world around me.  Ignorance was bliss.  I knew about drugs and experimented with some.  I knew about the Vietnam War, but it didn’t directly affect me.

Civil rights was not on my mind, like it is now.  Social consciousness came later.  My concerns were the regular ones for most teenagers--school, friends, family, church--in various orders.  Nothing in particular stood out, except not getting in trouble at school and/or home. 

Frankford Prepares Maggie for the Adult World


Frankford taught me I needed to work hard and study hard to get the best results. I learned teamwork in my science labs and in extracurricular activities.  I realized I would have to be open to learning as long as I lived and breathed. There is a great big world out there--and although I am just a small part of it, I am responsible for my part in it. 


What makes Maggi smile ?  Her Heroes/Sheroes


My grandchildren bring smiles, and my  husband can always make me laugh and curse.  He has been my hero since asking me to marry him (and staying), but he's been promoted to my Superhero since December 2014, when I was diagnosed with Soft Tissue Sarcoma. He's always been a great provider, partner and best friend; but now he became my rock and my nurse.  

This disease has put my body through hell and strengthened our bond. We have faced a lot in our lives together, and while I'm in remission we can breathe a little easier for a little while. 




I love to read, cook, bake and ice theme cakes, sew, draw and paint walls, woodwork and decorative pieces.  I enjoy dancing, aerobics and yoga and I’m trying to find a way back to them. 


Advice to my 17-year-old Self 


Throw out those cigarettes!  They did not contribute to my cancer, but I wasted so much money and time.  And SAVE as much as you can every week.  A little really does make a difference over time.

Advice to Today's Students

Same previous advice.  Also, be kind, courteous and brave.  Take care of those in need.  Give of yourself as much and as often as you can.  You may make a difference in someone’s life.



Why Join Our Alumni Association?

Why Attend Reunions?


Reunions remind us of the times we thought we could do and be anything in the world.  Sometimes we need to remember that it's still possible--no matter our age or situation. 

And of course, reunions can be a lot of fun!

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