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This week,'s  Correspondent, Frankie Okpala, reached out to new Frankford alumni, Rosmerlin Nunez, to find out about her college journey.


We're not surprised that each new alumni interviewed navigates the twists and turns, along the post Frankford highway, with confidence and humility--equipped for any challenge.

Rosmerlin Nunez




Interviewed by Correspondent

Franklin Okapala Class of 2017


OKAPALA:  Why did you choose the school you are attending now?


NUNEZ:  I’m attending Community College of Philadelphia.  I chose to attend this college because it’s close to my house and the classes are cheaper compared to other colleges.


OAKAPALA:  What will be your major? What career do you plan on pursuing?  And what drew you to this career?


NUNEZ:  My major is accounting and what made me decide my major was the love I have for numbers. 


OKAPALA:  What Frankford teachers inspired you?  How did your Frankford experience prepared you?

NUNEZ:  I had great teachers at Frankford High School, but the ones who inspired me were Ms. Balley, Ms. Burns, Mr. Huzzard, and Ms. April (from Gear up).


OKAPLA:  Briefly, tell us a little about yourself.  Who in your family inspired you the most and why?  And what are your hobbies?

NUNEZ:  My name is Rosmerlin Nunez, I’m 20 years old and I’m the first in my family to attend college. Even though my parents didn’t go to college they inspired me to have a profession.


OKAPALA:  What do you hope your generation will accomplish in the world, where your predecessors fell short?


NUNEZ:  I see our generation bringing political changes and changing the fate and course of the political world.


OKAPALA:  What activities were you involved in during your Frankford years?  How did they shape you?


NUNEZ:  In my senior year, I was on the tennis team and was a college map student.


OKAPALA:  How can the Frankford Alumni Association attract new millennium graduates, especially recent grads?  What would you like to see on the website?


NUNEZ:  Creating awareness of it and reaching out on social media will be a good start.


OKAPALA:  What advice would you give to 2018 grads making the transition from high school senior to university freshman?

NUNEZ:  I advise the 2018 grads to (1)take summer college classes if they can, (2) to create a schedule for studying for their courses, and (3) to do their work on time. 


Also, if they feel like they don’t understand something, or that they’re not going to pass the course--don't drop the class, instead work harder. 


OKAPALA:  Finally, where do you see yourself in ten years?  What's your favorite quote?.


NUNEZ:  Ten years from now, I see myself working for an accounting firm.


My favorite quote is:   God doesn’t put you in a situation you can’t overcome. 




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