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You won't find any leaky faucets here.  Your new alumni home comes equipped with everything you need to:

  • Connect with the past,

  • Engage in the present and...

  • Prepare for the future.


Been a while since you re-connected with your classmates?  We give you great reasons why now is the time to get your connection on.  


It takes a village to navigate this exciting, chaotic world called life. 


Blurred lines between work and life can be stressful. Our upcoming posts with tips and professional advice will help you make the most of each one and keep them separate.  


We'll give you the inside scoop on what companies and industries have the best work/life practices.


Say goodbye to the boring treadmill, and hello to fun fitness!  That's right fun and fitness can go together.


Repeat with me... mini-trampoline (aka rebounder), hula-hooping, kickbox dance cardio, Zumba, Bokwa and the list goes on.... And they're for all ages.   You can take your maiden voyage right here.



Today's retirement is not like Nana's and Pop-Pop's. 


New millennium retirees teach Zumba...

  • Open up a bed & breakfast in Costa Rica or Punta Cana.

  • Volunteer for a year at an African Village.

  • Start a non-profit.

  • And turn a bread-baking hobby into a business.

Why not navigate this life with those who new you when you wore braces.  

Recent grad?  This is a great time to keep the connection strong and get a jump on future networking opportunities.  The person who sat next to you in Algebra II class could invent the next Google, or it could be you. 

So what are you waiting for, let's start opening these gifts.

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