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Frankford Class of 1978 40th Reunion


Reunion Reflection


Frankford High School Class of 1978 held their 40th Reunion on October 6, 2018 at the Ashburner Inn in Philly. As far as I recall, our last reunion was our 15th in 1993, which I attended.  But, after talking to a few people at the party, I learned that there was a small gathering for our 25th in 2003.


This reunion was well-overdue and well-worth it.


We had a full house of 93 with a few welcomed party crashers. Some traveled from Florida, North Carolina and New York but most lived near Philly and in New Jersey.


Our 40th reunion turned out to be an amazing event thanks to everyone who attended—and to the main organizers and alumni who assisted with the event:  Jeanne Schiavo-Padden, Carol lBaker-Drigo, Lynn Peterson-Baresciano, Tom Myers and Barbara Hender-DeFilippis


Jeanne, Carol, Lynn and Tom made the reunion organizing look so easy.  Jeanne spearheaded the event on Facebook and the rest invited by word-of-mouth. Jeanne provided updates on ticket sales; and drummed up excitement by posting high school photos and memorabilia.  


Lynn Peterson did an outstanding job with treasurer duties. Jeanne,Carol and Lynn added took it up notch by offering raffles and gift cards with leftover money.


I loved the fun prizes and the 50/50 given out for a donation to the winners’ charity of choice.  Tom Myers hooked us up with a DJ who kept everyone kicking it out on the dance floor with music from the 70’s.


Amidst a cheerful atmosphere, everyone bubbled with excitement seeing their fellow classmates, reminiscing about old times, and talking about their families and careers. Most were recognizable. The girls looked fabulous and the guys were charming gentlemen.


I had my favorites…former teammates Georgia and Donna—childhood friends I grew up with--Cindy, Michelle and Cathy.  And Kathy, Mary Kay, Jeanne and Carol--who I spent many lunches and free periods, hanging with at the benches in the back of the school.


All were ageless and had the same spirit and personality I remembered at Frankford with the addition of life experiences, wisdom and grace.


I think everyone left with the thought of gathering again for our 45th reunion or sooner. We exchanged phone numbers and also friended each other on Facebook to stay connected.


Thanks again, to Jeanne, Carol, Lynn and Tom for making this event happen!  


I'm looking forward to our 45th.  ,Farewell until, next time!


Go Pioneers!

Barb Jackowicz





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