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Class of 1978 - 40th Reunion Profile

Barbara Jackowicz - Yesterday and Today.
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A Rewarding Nursing Career for 22 Years


I’ve had a rewarding career as a registered nurse for the past 22 years. I currently work with disabled children and young adults in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas. I graduated from Drexel University where I received my BSN in 1996. Before nursing I worked for the DOD at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

It Takes a Village

First Matey.png

I’m single with no children of my own.  At least, that's who I was before I invited a little girl named Erin into my heart, my home, my life. 


Erin, My First Matey  


Now 12, Erin lost her parents five years ago. I take her to all of my family functions and almost everywhere I go. I provide support, love and opportunities that makes her childhood as normal as possible, so that she becomes a loving and successful adult.


Erin takes music lessons, plays sports and has been in the sailing program at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory.  Erin is my first matey!

Olympic-Trained City Champs


I was raised by wonderful parents in a family of six, two of which are my sisters and my best teammates.


At the age of nine, we were fortunate enough to have an Olympic-trained coach who took us to the national competition.


I also swam nationally in my junior year at Frankford.


For six years during that time frame, my two sisters and I were city champs--undefeated in every stroke including:  the butterfly, individual medleys and relays.


With discipline in our blood, the three of us went on to play competitively in many other sports:  softball, flag football, volleyball and tennis leagues in high school and college.

Frankford High School Memories


At Frankford, I competed on the varsity swim, softball and basketball teams.  I spent most of my time in the pool and on the field.


My biggest inspiration came from my coaches, Miss Nardone, Mrs. Kepper, Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Kepler.


Being an athlete and playing sports at Frankford, taught me to work hard, set goals, overcome adversity and gave me a sense of self-worth.


These attributes carried over into my career as a nurse, working with others and managing my own life.   I certainly tap into them when I'm competitively sailing.


I never feared the water or of losing.  My skills and drive fueled me with determination to sail faster, and to never give up.



"Racing is my Passion!"

Yes, racing sailboats is my passion. I started crewing for a friend about 12 years ago on a 31-foot Hunter on the Delaware River in the Burlington-Bristol area outside of Philadelphia.

Barbara Jackowicz - Sailing with Friend.

From there, I moved down river and started racing at Riverton Yacht Club which has six classes of sailboats racing with as many as 50 to 60 boats, competing during the sailIng season.


At Riverton, I had the opportunity to race on different classes of boats such as: Lightnings, Mariners and in the PHRF fleet which is a mixed class of boats that have a handicap rating.


I also met World Cup and national champions, sailboat makers and wonderful sailors who mentored, supported and trained me to be a better sailor.


This led me to be to my current status and membership at Delaware River Yacht Club (DRYC) in Philadelphia, and Cooper River Yacht Club in Collingswood, New Jersey.


At DRYC, I crew and sometimes take the bel in the PHRF fleet. At Cooper, I race in the sunfish fleet which I love. This is where I have the most fun. 


Racing in this fleet, which is part of the MidAtlantic Yachting Racing Association, I get to race at different yacht clubs—those in Brant Beach, Ocean City, Delaware, etc.

As with all of these clubs, there are racers who have been racing all of their lives and some have a long family history of sailboat racers.


I race against sailors that have been racing for 20 to 50 years. This is only my third year racing in the sunfish fleet.  However, being a swimmer and athlete makes me a strong competitor.


"I may not have the experience of some of the sailors I race against, but I have the heart to race and win."


One of my biggest achievements at the helm was winning the First Annual Bristol Cup Regatta in 2012 I have also crewed in the Philadelphia Cup Regatta in 2010 through 2016.


I have won a few second and third place trophies at Cooper and every once in a while I beat one of the top racers.  Just staying close to the top of the fleet is a win for me.

“Every woman should have her own purse.” 


Susan B. Anthony


“Every woman should have confidence, independence, and a great sense of self worth.” 


Barbara Jackowicz


Many women are managing their careers and families at

the same time. Women should celebrate their accomplishments and never compromise for anything, but the best.


Advice to Today’s Students


First and foremost, with the drug epidemic today, they should stay away from drugs and  surround themselves with good people and good mentors to help guide them in the right path.


Focus on academics and have a plan to either go to college or enroll in a trade school.


Get involve in an after-school program whether it be sports, music, art or academics.


Favorite quote?


My favorite quote is from my late, Great Aunt Ida on her 100th birthday. I asked her for advice on life. She said, “Take care of yourself, live a good life and always have fun.”

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Barbara Jackowicz, 

Her Passion: Racing Sail Boats

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