1.  What do you teach in your journalism class? 

All throughout the year in Journalism, I teach the necessary grammar for sentence structure.


I stress that good writers use all four types of sentences. And we build vocabulary the students incorporate into their articles.


I also teach how to write reviews:  movies, music, restaurants, fashion, books, etc.


Each sport season is covered with articles on how the season went/is going. The students type their articles in a computer lab. 


2.  Tell us a little about your background.  What high school and college did you attend?


I have worked at the Daily Local News for 32 years, 14 of them full time. The industry has changed dramatically.


Departments that used to employ 20-30 full time workers now consist of two to three workers. Most papers have gone bankrupt as few people buy a paper nowadays. 

I attended Kutztown University and received a degree in telecommunications. I worked at the newspaper upon graduating.

As I saw the writing on the wall for the industry, I went to night school for nine years to become certified to teach.


In order to student teach and make money while doing it, I came to Philly under the apprentice program. I never left.

I live in Chester County, and yes…it's a long drive. But it's worth it. I started at Stetson Middle school in 1999 and came to Frankford in 2000.

4.  What or who inspired you to become an English/Journalism teacher?

My mother and 12th grade English teachers instilled the love of literature in me.

5.  How long has Frankford offered Journalism, when did it begin?

This is my second year as the journalism class.

6.  When and how did you get involved in coaching badminton?  I understand Frankford’s badminton team won the first Public League Championship title? 


How is the team doing this season?  


This is my 18th year coaching badminton.


Yes. It took me 17 years to win a championship. We should be good again this year.

7.  2016 Valedictorian Franklin Okpala named you as one of his favorite teachers, what goals have you set in place for students during the 2017-18 school term?

My goal with every student is to guide them into creating some type of plan upon graduating.


College isn't in the cards for every student for a variety of reasons, so I help push them in a direction that is workable.

8.  How has teaching changed since the Year 2000?


The biggest change since 2000 is the available technology. It’s so nice to give visuals of what is being taught.


9.  Finally, what future plans do you have for Frankford's English/Journalism program?

I would like to see the class create its own paper/blog. It’s really difficult finding students who want or like to write.


Most students don't want to take the time to write properly. They are so used to their texting language.  


Thank you, Mr. Huzzard for taking time out of

your busy schedule for this Q&A. 


Here are some tips on how to start a class

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