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Class of 1975

Making a Difference

in the Community

Gift of Life Family House - 12 14-2020.j
Johns Schmid - Food.jpg

John Schmid dropping off two carrot cakes,

          a zucchini blueberry cake with lemon icing

          and homemade chocolate-covered pretzels

         for 32nd event at Gift of Life Family House.

Gift of Life Family House

John Scmid at Locker.jpg
John Schmid Yearbook Photo.jpg

F-A.COM:  Why and when did you start volunteering for the Gift of Life Family House?  Tell us about your volunteer role?


JOHN:  I started volunteering at the Gift of Life Family House late in 2017, I like what they provide to patients and their families that come to Philadelphia for transplant surgery.  Once a month I either cook for the people staying at the House or do a baking drop off. I alternate each option over the course of the year. When I cook it is usually for 50 to 80 people, depending on how many people are staying at the House on my night.

F-A.COM:  Do you volunteer for any other organizations?  Tell us about them, and why you volunteer.

JOHN:  I've also volunteered with the Philadelphia Special Olympics, the March of Dimes and various breast cancer events. I was raised to be helpful, Mom always said: "it's easy to give money but put meaning behind it and donate your time..."

F-A.COM: What would you like alumni to know about the importance of volunteering?

JOHN:  Reaching out and helping others is a double win in that your help eases someone else's stress/pain and eases your soul. 

F-A.COM:  What activities were you involved in at Frankford?

JOHN:  I was the equipment manager for the JV and varsity football teams, the trainer for the varsity soccer team, I played JV baseball and ice hockey.

F-A.COM:  Who inspired you at Frankford?  What was your most memorable moment at Frankford?

JOHN:  Coach Al Angelo was an inspiration in that he appreciated each person involved with the team. Coach Ron Howley was also an inspiration as he always took the time to share his vast knowledge of the game.

F-A.COM:   Could you tell us about your wonderful family?

JOHN:  My Family and I lost my wife to breast cancer 15 years ago, she was the most courageous person that I have ever known. Our children Ian and Megan are living kind lives.

F-A.COM:  How did fatherhood change you?

JOHN:  Fatherhood is the biggest leap into responsibility as you are your child's first teacher in all aspects of life.

F-A.COM:  What family moment stands out the most in your life?

JOHN:   There are so many moments but these are the top three, Wedding day, the birth of Ian and the birth of Megan. 

F-A.COM:  How did Frankford prepare you for adulthood?

JOHN:  Frankford prepared me for adulthood by teaching me to be honest and fair. And also providing a true diversity of life. 


F-A.COM:   Tell us briefly about your work?

JOHN:   Currently, I'm the chief engineer of a center city hotel, where I manage a team of three engineers.

F-A.COM:  What advice would you give to today’s students going through this Pandemic?

JOHN:  Keep your faith, hold your family close, help those in need of it and don't panic as this too shall end.

F-A.COM:  Finally, what are your hobbies and a favorite quote?

JOHN:   I enjoy cooking, carpentry and just finished my 39th season of officiating football.


Favorite quote:  "Pay it forward!" 

John Schmikd Referree.jpg




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